Aztek Quality

Aztek Quality, Quality Assurance is our number one goal

For over 29 years, Aztek has become a leader in metal fabrication and powder coating by providing service to OEMs in a wide variety of industries.
At Aztek, we believe that quality = continuous improvement.

Aztek follows a formal documented Quality System based on ISO9001:2015.  Our comprehensive and detailed quality plan is followed and regularly reviewed to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained. We have a quality manual with documented procedures that are constantly updated to our best practices. Our Quality Policy is that we are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. We believe in quality at the source as we never pass a defect along to the next process or rely on final inspection alone for the quality of our parts. Our zero defect focus is the objective of every Aztek employee.


Our Certifications:

- ISO 9001:2015 certificate

- UL-1332 (Powder coat certificate) 

- IMMEX Certified

- CW: following welding instrucions as AWS, Flux Core and WPS



At Aztek Technologies, we are committed to understand the needs of our customers in order to provide the best service possible. We emphasize teamwork and provide continuous training for our personnel in order to achieve our goals.

Producing quality parts is our number one goal. It is the result of teamwork involving production personnel, engineering and technical support, maintenance personnel and underpinned by our daily practice of continuous improvement.

Our quality process flow includes

  • At the time a job folder is created, our quality and process engineers create inspection drawings and inspection documentation highlighting all critical dimensions for each step in the process of each part
  • As each process is executed, each operation undergoes quality verification to ensure the progressive accuracy of the part. When a part can be inspected in the flat, we use our Fabrivision Scanner to inspect the part before it moves on to another process.
  • Upon completion of all fabrication processes, a comprehensive inspection of the finished part is completed. This final inspection employs the use of our FARO CMM or Optical 3D CMM Scanner measuring device operated by dedicated, full time, quality personnel.

Communication is a key strategy to become a leaner company. For this reason, Aztek decided to implement MIE TRACK, MRP Software specially designed for a job shop operation.