In 2013, Aztek decided to implement an new mrp system in order to better suit our customers needs

Communication is a key strategy to become a leaner company. For this reason, Aztek decided to implement MIE TRACK, MRP Software specially designed for a job shop operation. In the last quarter of 2013, Aztek completed Phase 1: migration of all data to the new system. During December 2013, we began Phase 2: installing computer docks on every work center so that Aztek Personnel can update the progress of each order as the job moves from one work center to another. Now we can follow all open orders throughout the entire process, thus providing more precise delivery information to our customers.

Other Benefits:

  • Improved forecasting of material requirements thus improving on hand availability
  • Helps balance and control inventories
  • All processes are optimized at the highest levels of efficiency
  • Improves Control and provides real time status of open orders
  • Improves scheduling and provides capacity management
  • Improves On Time Delivery and flexibility by speeding up process times

NEW INVESTMENTS SHEET METAL PLANT: In November 2017 and September 2018 we began production with 2 new Fiber cutters to serve Oil & Gas customers.